Wet'n'Wild Express


Evolution Expeditions offers Las Vegas water park entertainment. Tours have been designed for a hassle free day while on vacation or holiday. Our express shuttle will provide transportation from your Las Vegas Resort or hotel to the Wet ‘n’ Wild water park. With pass in hand, shuttles arrive at 10:30am near the park entrance.

No need to order tickets, rent a car, pay parking fees or cram your friends and family into a less then desirable taxi. Start your day with a friendly ride to the outer borders of the Las Vegas Valley to indulge in a fun filled day at the refreshing Wet ‘n’ Wild water park with two convenient departure times at 2pm and 6pm which will arrive back at your accommodations.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Express is the ultimate in no hassle access to a fun filled day of refreshing waters and thrilling water slides. Enjoy twelve attractions like the award-winning Tornado which simulates a natural storm, or the Rattler with more than 360 feet of twist and turns until descending into the splash down pool.
Shower & Changing Facilities at Wet ‘n’ Wild makes it easy to change into your favorite summer suit and shower and at the end of the day to changing into dry clothes for a comfortable ride back to your hotel.


Complimentary Shuttle Service
Las Vegas Resort & Hotel pickup times vary and will be given upon confirmation of booking. Please be courteous to other participants and promptly show up on time at tour bus area or launch location provided on confirmation email. Please have your cellular phone on an available.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas offers a variety of food options throughout the Park. Sorry no outside food or beverages are allowed, except for factory sealed plastic water bottles. Special exceptions will be made for people with special medical dietary needs, food allergies, and baby food (no-glass containers). However, guests may exit the Park gates and re-enter. Ticket stub and hand-stamp required for reentry.



  • Tornado - The award-winning extreme water slide simulates a natural storm experience, Catapulted from 36 feet in the air through a 110-foot tunnel before plummeting into the eye of the storm. Spin around the Tornado’s funnel in a four person raft where you will sweep up the Tornado’s wall experience weightlessness or zero gravity, splashing back and forth through the menacing, swirling water before being released into the calm shallows below. Rider Height 48”
  • Rattler -The first slide of its kind built in North America! Be among the first to experience the extreme rattles of the Rattler! This four person ride takes riders through a series of twists and turns on their descent more than 360 feet to the splash down pool. Two distinct "rattles" shake riders back and forth, delivering sensational oscillations and tons of wall time! Rider Height 42”
  • Royal Flush Extreme - A fan favorite! This unbeatable slide isn't for the faint of heart. The adrenaline-pumping ride on this massive bowl slide will get riders pulses racing. Riders plummet through the enclosed tube slide then fight the centrifugal forces of the Royal Flush Extreme which pulls riders around and around before abruptly releasing into the exit tube for splash down! Rider Height 42”
  • Constrictor - One of the most extreme water slides in the world. It was Travel Channel's Extreme Water Parks #4 pick for 2012! Riders speed down the enclosed flume slide into a series of corkscrew turns, snaking back and forth in the series of spirals, slithering down its insides on multi-person rafts. Coming out of the corkscrews, riders shoot out into a drenching splashdown finally. The Constrictor slide features some of the tightest turns of any other water slide giving riders an experience unlike any other. Rider Height 42”
  • Red Rock Bay - Hit the surf at the massive Red Rock Bay wave pool. Ride four-foot high swells in a tube, or body surf for the ultimate ocean experience. For a more relaxing venture, Red Rock Bay is also the perfect lounge location with its gently rolling waves in the shallow end. The bay is home to Dive ‘n’ Movie events throughout the summer. Tubers can ride the swells or chill out on smaller waves. Rider Height 48”
  • Hoover Half Pipe - Category five river, white water rapid experience with an unexpected trip into Hoover Half Pipe. The falls drop guests 57 feet before the raft goes vertical, shooting up a wall, then falling back to experience weightlessness before arriving safely to the calm waters below. Take rafting to the next level with this dramatic journey of white water thrills. Rider Height 48”
  • Canyon Cliffs - This is ideal for any adrenaline seeker. The experience begins more than six stories in the air where guests get a great view of the entire Las Vegas valley. The view changes as you enter into one of two side-by-side nearly vertical drop slides. Plummet into a gut-wrenching, heart pounding drop and accelerate to speeds up to 33 feet per second. Rider Height 48”
  • Desert Racer - Wet ‘n’ Wild’s next generation of racing slides. From six stories high, the Desert Racers takes guests head-first onto a six-lane downhill speedway. Riders can accept the challenge to determine who is the fastest as they race their family and friends side-by-side on this exhilarating voyage. This 360 foot raceway launches riders down the slides at speeds of more than 20 feet-per-second. Rider Height 42”
  • Zipp Zapp Zoom - Gives guests the opportunity to create a true family fun experience with a choice of three slides with multiple twists, turns and drops down a four-story tower. Guests can choose to brave the fully enclosed slides on their own or grab a friend for a tandem ride down to the awaiting splash pool. Zipp, Zapp, Zoom each take riders down 300 feet of twists, turns, and translucent colored sections that add a unique dazzling visual element. Rider Height 42”
  • Colorado Cooler - Ideal for all ages, the Colorado Cooler is the perfect place to lie back on your tube and unwind as you make your way through the ongoing flow of watery relaxation. Watch out for the occasional water elements that add a little cool delight during your river experience. A leisurely 1,100 foot lap around the endless river still holds enough surprises to keep riders awake and refreshed. Rider Height Life jacket required.
  • Paradise Falls - Located on Splash Island, this multi-level complex weaves colorful, interactive elements throughout five fun zones, nine slides and more. The focal point of the attraction is a giant tipping bucket at the top of the structure that frequently spills 300 gallons of water onto eagerly waiting guests below. With over 10,500 square feet of aquatic adventure this playground is full of fun. Rider Height 40” Slides over 8’ Tall & 36” Slides Under 8” Tall
  • Kiddie Cove - Located on Splash Island, Kiddie Cove is a collection of three slides for our youngest visitors. Two slides provide an independent slide experience and is a great introduction to water parks. For those who need a little hand hold to get started, a group slide is the perfect location for parents and kids to slide together. Rider Height 36” Kidde Cove Slides & 36” Kidde Cove Group Slide


Wet ‘N’ Wild Rules & Regulations
The following a list of rules and regulations that guests of Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas are expected to follow at all times during their visit. Failure to comply with Park Rules & Regulations may result in removal from the park without refund. For a complete list of park rules and regulations, please visit guest services located at the Park's main gate.

  • Read and obey all posted rules and instructions given by the Park staff.
  • propriate bathing suits are required. No shorts, cutoffs or items with metal fasteners, rivets, zippers or buckles are allowed on the slides.
  • No rain checks or refunds will be issued due to inclement weather.
  • Attractions may close due to inclement weather including high winds, heavy rains, and lightening. When the weather improves, rides will open as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • The Park operating schedule is subject to change.
  • For the comfort and safety of all of our guests, smoking is only permitted in the designated area outside the main gate.
  • Hard or soft coolers, glass containers, food, drinks or picnic lunches may not be taken into the Park. Guests with special diets, baby formula or baby food may bring their items into the Park.
  • All bags, backpacks, and packages are subject to inspection prior to entering the Park. As a reminder, for the safety of our guests the following items are not permitted inside shuttles and water parks: Weapons, sharp objects, hazardous items or materials, or any other item that may be perceived as a weapon.
  • A hand stamp is required for re-entry to the Park. 
  • In keeping with the family atmosphere of the Park, inappropriate actions such as offensive or profane language and/or gestures as well as unruly behavior including horseplay will not be tolerated.
  • Please shower prior to enjoying our pools and attractions.
  • Guests with open sores, colds, diarrhea or other contagious infections should not participate in any attraction.
  • Please Participate Safely
  • As a guest, you are responsible for your own safety. Instructional signage is posted at each attraction. Please listen to and obey all lifeguard instructions. Please read and follow all posted safety information. In appropriate or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated and is subject to immediate removal from the Park without refund.
  • Many rides at Wet 'n' Wild are dynamic and thrilling and may include features such as high speeds, steep drops, sharp turns, and other forces. There are inherent risks in participating in any amusement attraction. If you choose to participate, you accept these risks.
  • Attraction height and weight restrictions as well as child life vest requirements apply on certain attractions.
  • Running and horseplay are not permitted
  • It is strongly recommended that all weak or non-swimmers wear a Coast Guard approved life vest. Complimentary life vests are available. Please see a lifeguard for assistance. Floaties, water rings, and other floatation devices are not permitted. Only Park issued rafts are permitted. Water-wings, masks, snorkels, and other SCUBA equipment are not permitted. Coast Guard approved "puddle jumper" style floatation devices are permitted for use.
  • Supervise children at all times.


Zero Tolerance Policy
Actions, language, behavior or conduct that interferes with a family atmosphere will result in the ejection of the offending person without refund or any other compensation. This includes, but not limited to: Offensive clothing, profanity, vulgar gestures, running, spitting, fighting and line breaking.
Holding a place in line is not permitted. If you leave the line for any reason, you will lose your position and will need to start at the end.